Pitch Deck: How to Sell Your Ideas

Helpful Tips on How to Make Your Pitch Deck Stand Out and Get Funded

In the world of business, people are constantly trying to sell their ideas. Whether it’s a new product or service that they want to bring into the marketplace, or just an idea for improving something that already exists, pitching your ideas in a way that is persuasive and compelling can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do.

First, you need to create a plan and build your pitch deck. You can do this by using a simple formula to make your pitch deck successful. The first step is deciding on what you want to accomplish with this presentation and more importantly, who you are trying to sell it too. For example, if you’re pitching an idea for a new product or service at work, the people that matter most would be the ones in charge of hiring and budgeting – In other words: your boss! You should also take into consideration any politics that may get involved when selling certain ideas so you have a plan B just in case.

Pitch Deck

Second, create one sentence answers for all of these questions about how your idea will benefit them. If they aren’t obvious benefits then think outside the box because their needs might not always line up directly with yours or what you think they need. You might be selling a product but it might also save them money in the long run so that is another angle to consider when coming up with why your idea matters and how it will help them achieve their goals.

Third, create three slides for each question so there are at least 18 total slides included in your presentation deck. What this does is allows you to fill all of the information about these benefits into short bullet points using simple terms anyone can understand while still giving just enough detail without going overboard on any one slide alone. This keeps things brief and makes sure not too much is being asked from whoever may be listening or reading along based on whether or not they have seen anything like what you’re pitching before or if they’re interested in learning more.

Fourth, if you want people to take your idea and run with it all on their own then show them how this is possible! You can do that by including three different examples of what they could possibly accomplish when putting your pitch deck into action for themselves. This helps keep things interesting because everyone loves a good story so add some life to these slides by telling the audience about real world use cases or even just hypotheticals where someone else achieved something great thanks to the benefits listed throughout your presentation deck. These success stories will really motivate whoever may be listening and convince them that following through with an opportunity like this one might actually help them achieve their goals as well!