How to Pick a Frame for Your Glasses Based on Your Face Shape

The Right Frame for You!

If you wear glasses, there is a good chance that your frames are sitting on the bridge of your nose right now. And if they aren’t, trust me, you will be wearing them soon enough! They’re an integral part of what makes us look smart and presentable – not to mention fashionable – so it’s important to invest in a pair of best reading glasses that suits our face shape.

The first step is determining which shape corresponds with the one we have:

– Oval face: This is the ideal shape, featuring a balanced proportion among forehead, cheekbones and jawline. You can wear almost any type of frame without looking out of place. A nice pair to look for are rectangle eyeglasses or square glasses with a thin bridge line that will give off a classy vibe.

Best Reading Glasses

– Round face: The goal here is making your face appear angular rather than full on round like an apple (we don’t want this one). Look for frames with sharp edges such as flat top rectangular shapes in black acetate materials – these tend to elongate the appearance of our features which make us look more professional and put together. If you prefer metal over plastic go with rims instead of circular lenses since they will add a touch of sophistication.

– Square face: This is the most common face shape and it’s characterized by broad cheekbones with angular jawline, wide forehead and typically masculine features – i.e., lower lip that juts out just slightly more than the upper one which gives us an overall powerful look (think Chris Hemsworth). Look for styles such as aviators or rectangular frames in tortoiseshell colors to soften up your appearance without looking too feminine since you are trying to balance out this very manly style!

– Rectangular faces: If your face is longer but not quite square shaped then chances are you have a long rectangle shape facial structure. You want glasses that accentuate its length.