A Guide to Understanding EPCs for Domestic Properties in the UK

Annual EPCs for Domestic Properties in UK

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is an important document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a property.

What are EPCs? An EPC Glasgow can tell us whether or not a property has been properly insulated and therefor qualifies as being “greener” than other properties. Energy use in the property is indicated by a score called Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), which will be shown on your EPC.

EPC Glasgow

Each energy efficiency band has its own colour, ranging from A to G with A being green and G being red. In order for a home to qualify as “greener” than others it must have an EER that falls into group B or above. The higher the number of stars you get under each category—such as hot water usage, heating bills and so forth—the greener your domestic property’s rating will be considered overall.

How do I find out if my home is potentially more environmentally friendly? If you want to know whether or not your house could be greener than what it currently is then you need to have an EPC carried out on your property. This can be done by a qualified electrician or plumber who has undergone proper training and works for one of the approved companies that are registered with the Government’s Energy Saving Trust (EST). If you are unable to find someone through these channels then it is possible to arrange this yourself instead.

A simple online search will provide you with more information about how much they cost, as well as details about dozens of reputable installers throughout different parts of the UK. Furthermore, if you want help getting started in terms of improving your home’s energy efficiency rating, there are plenty of resources available on various websites such as ShelterBoxesDirect where all sorts of tips and tricks regarding insulation techniques can be found.