The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Mobile App Developer

Become the Best Mobile App Developer

So you’re curious about becoming a mobile app developer in Singapore? The first thing you’ll need to become a mobile app developer is programming knowledge. For this, we recommend learning the basics of either C++ or Objective-C. These languages will allow you to build native iOS and Android apps.

Next, it’s time to pick a mobile app development platform. There are many that you can choose from. Here’s what they each have to offer:

PhoneGap: supports all major mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. It is mainly used for creating hybrid apps. This is the platform that we use at ITZ Total Solutions to create our own internal company apps – so it’s definitely worth checking out! You can learn more about this platform here .

Mobile App Developer In Singapore

Xamarin: supports only iOS and Android (no Windows or Blackberry). The main advantage of using this programing language over others is its ability to share code across different devices. That means less time wasted on redeveloping features on multiple platforms! Get started with Xamarin by reading this article

Titanium Appcelerator : supports four platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BackBerry) but has limited functionality, meaning it is best-suited for designing apps that are more basic. It does not support JavaScript or HTML so you’ll need to learn another coding language (Java) in order to use this programing platform.

After you get the programming basics down, it’s time to start building your portfolio. This is where Apple’s iOS app development program comes in handy – use this opportunity to build apps for free and post them on the App Store! If you don’t have a Mac computer or any prior experience with Swift , we recommend taking some tutorials before getting started.

Once you’ve built up an impressive list of accomplishments, it’s finally time to find work ! We suggest applying at local businesses that need mobile app support. You can also try designing Android apps if Objective-C doesn’t sound like something interesting for you! No matter what path you choose though, becoming a mobile developer will be well worth it in the long run!